Clam Chowder, April 2019

Clam Chowder 


4 tsp. butter, unsalted 

1/8 tsp. chili flake (optional) 

1 stalk celery, diced 

1 medium onion, diced 

2 medium russet potatoes, diced 

3 Tbsp. Original NOBULL Scratch Starter Concentrate  

3/4 cup clam juice (juice from 2 cans of clams, drained) 

3 c. milk 

½ cup clams (2 cans of clam meat) 

¾ tsp. thyme, fresh 

¼ Tsp. black pepper, fresh 

1 Tbsp. Italian parsley, chopped  


In a heavy bottom sauce pot, melt butter and sweat the onion and celery with the chili flake until onions are translucent 

Add diced potatoes, stir to coat. 


Add clam juice, if doesn’t completely cover potatoes add milk as needed.  

Simmer until potatoes are cooked through. 

Puree 1/3 of potato mixture, using cold milk as needed to make smooth. 

Add puree back into soup.  

Add milk and remaining ingredients. 

Bring entire mixture up to a simmer, taste. season with more NOBULL as needed.  

Serves: 4 – 6 people 

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