Blended Burgers, August 2019

These burgers are 60% meat & 40% mushroom. They stay moist and juicy--always a hit with burger lovers (while reducing meat consumption and incorporating more plants into your diet).

1 ¼ pounds ground meat (turkey, chicken or beef)
¾ pound fresh mushrooms (button or cremini), quartered
2 Tbsp. & 2 tsp. NOBULL Umami Mushroom Scratch Starter Concentrate

Place mushrooms in food processor. Process to similar grind size of the ground meat. Combine meat, ground mushrooms and NOBULL Umami Mushroom Scratch Starter Concentrate a in bowl. Mix together until completely combined. Form patties to desired size and grill to desired internal temperature (165° for turkey or chicken).

Serves: 4-6 people

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