Our Story

Lani Raider

My name is Lani Raider. I am the co-founder and CEO of NOBULL Specialty Foods.

I am a passionate farm to table chef incredibly frustrated with our food system. 

So much of what’s available in today’s market is highly processed, laden with sugar & salt and void of nutrition and flavor 

I founded NOBULL with a big vision for radical change and a belief we can feed people better without compromising health, flavor or the planet. 

NOBULL is bouillon reimagined. 

Our award-winning and game-changing Scratch Starters are plant-based, nutrient dense and can be used as instant stock or flavor bombs. So incredibly versatile, NOBULL makes food pop when used in place of salt, and is a full-flavored seasoning. 

Aside from its’ clean ingredients and vibrant flavor, I LOVE how convenient NOBULL is: it’s stored in the freezer but never freezes solid so it is always spoon-ready. 

NOBULL is empowering professional kitchens & home cooks--regardless of skill or age--with an unimpeachable nourishing tool that is easy, convenient and saves time.

We have a rise in diabetes, cancer, and obesity in our country. It’s our goal at NOBULL that we will become a staple ingredient in kitchens across our nation, helping people cook empowered, eat healthily & live happily.

NOBULL is next generation scratch cooking & can be used for creating very simple dishes to elaborate menus. 

NOBULL makes it easy, healthy, inspiring and crazy delicious. 

And that is no bull.