About Us


Cooking delicious, locally sourced food for family and friends has always been a priority for the team behind NOBULL Scratch Starter Concentrates. Searching for a ready-made starter that was minimally processed, made with fresh, sustainably sourced ingredients, delicious and easy to use for speed scratch cooking, we found that the available products didn’t meet our standards.

So we made one.

Beta testing NOBULL products on professional chefs as well as friends and family, we discovered that not only does it support speed scratch cooking without compromising health and quality, but it also delights palates, is easy to use with consistent flavorful outcomes in an array of culinary applications (everything from soups and braises to vinaigrettes, baked goods and marinades) and that the only critical feedback from chefs, friends and family beta testing NOBULL products was they needed more and couldn’t buy it yet.

The name? Lani was involved in a passionate conversation about the need to radically change the food system with her Uncle Phil in his kitchen in Venice, CA one day in 2013. She explained the emerging company vision: to have this product support the planet while providing a truly clean, healthy product for chefs and home cooks alike–a product without all the bullxxxt. Uncle Phil said “NOBULL” and the rest of NOBULL’s noble vision is literally history.

NOBULL Specialty Foods, Inc. was co-founded by Lani Raider and Donna Neusch in 2014. They spent 2015 building the company, fine-tuning the production process and envisioning next flavor profiles that delight palates while supporting the vision and mission of NOBULL.