Sample Recipes

Starting Ratios

The ratios below are guidelines developed in our R&D kitchen for using NOBULL Scratch Starter Concentrates. NOBULL starters are very flexible and these ratios can easily be adjusted up or down as needed. It’s also easy to layer other flavors on top of NOBULL (i.e. cumin, Thai chilies, turmeric, etc.) to create dishes from around the globe, using NOBULL as the flavor foundation. The ratios and recipes featured here have been developed in our R&D kitchen to not require additional salt – we have used NOBULL in its place!
Generally: Substitute 2 tsp. of Scratch Starter for 1 tsp. of salt in your existing recipes.
Reduced Sodium: Use half the Scratch Starter outlined below. Or to taste.
Remember, our Scratch Starters are concentrated – a little goes a long way.
BURGERS 4 tsp. NOBULL: 1 lb. ground meat
MARINADE 4 tsp. NOBULL: 3 oz. oil
EGGS 1/2 tsp. NOBULL: 3 eggs
RICE 4 tsp. NOBULL: 1 c. rice + water
STOCK 4 tsp. NOBULL: 4 c. water
VINAIGRETTE 4 tsp. NOBULL: 2 oz. vinegar + 6 oz. oil
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