Scratch Starter® Concentrates

Welcome to the world of (award-winning, hyper-clean, planet-friendly, absolutely delicious) NOBULL!

NOBULL is a women-owned, sustainability-focused company making Scratch Starter Concentrates in four (so far) vibrant varieties. We’re proud to be recognized by the Portland Business Journal as one of 2018’s Most Innovative Small Businesses, no small accomplishment in a city overflowing with big ideas.
Our mission is massive, but simple: we want to be the bridge between quick & easy and nutritious & delicious. Our products will give your cooking depth and complexity that was previously only achieved with hours over the stove, instantly and with zero waste. NOBULL will be the most versatile product in your kitchen, keeps in your freezer for years (literally) and can improve almost anything. Seriously.
Check out our recipes for just a handful of ideas, and find links to our social media below, where we post even more recipes, events and news.

Here’s a taste of what cooks are saying about NOBULL:

​”You made healthy easy. Thank you. Making soup with NOBULL is fast, simple, and most importantly DELICIOUS. As a health coach and health fanatic, it is so important to me that it is sustainably sourced, GMO free whole foods and the packaging is recyclable. I started using NOBULL in my soups but soon found it made everything better–especially my rice and quinoa! Honestly, I cannot live without it.” — Elijah, San Francisco

“Using NOBULL scratch starters make it easy for me to include fresh vegetables and a perfect flavor blend as a base for soups and sauces.  I usually don’t use written recipes and look for new and varied ways to change a meal.  I love using NOBULL scratch starters to enhance my impromptu recipes and give me inspiration for creatively flavoring a meal.” – Lisa,  Los Angeles

“Most bases are way too salty and full of artificial flavors. I love NOBULL because it’s full of simple, fresh ingredients (and it tastes great).” – Ann, Oakland

“NOBULL scratch starters are an easy, effective, and, most importantly, delicious way to start my soups, sauces and marinades.  They provide the perfect canvas for my culinary creations. ” – Noah, Los Angeles

“One spoonful of NOBULL enhances flavor excellence in all my cooking. It saves me time and keeps my menu focused. What’s important to me is how NOBULL provides me the simple joy of delicious food experiences I can share with my family and friends.” – Nora, Oakland

“NOBULL has become a staple in our kitchen. I started using it as a base for soups and sauces…but now it goes into practically everything we make, short of our morning oatmeal! It’s healthy, delicious, and brings out the experimental cook in me. I can’t recommend it enough!” – Eddy, Portland

“NOBULL is the ‘better’ button I keep in the freezer. Better stir fry, better egg dishes, better soups and stews, better popcorn!” – Lewis, Oakland